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Tips on How to Outsource Your Blog Content and Manage a Ghostwriter

Growing a website takes a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, money. Whether you are just starting out on your home-business adventures or are already blogging for thousands of readers, you might have noticed that there simply isn’t enough time to do everything by yourself. Blogging is just one part of a giant schema of marketing strategies your business should pursue. It ties into almost all aspects of internet marketing. A good blog will help you grow your email list, it will improve your SEO, and it will keep your customers coming back to your website, thirsting for more...

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Understanding Google’s Featured Snippet and How to Optimize Your Content to Be Featured

The goal of most SEO efforts is to achieve first page, first place rankings in Google. However, the more competitive your keywords are, the harder it becomes to accomplish this. Many companies struggle to get to the first page and even less make it to the coveted first position. Google’s featured snippet is an alternative strategy you can pursue to boost your search traffic and get first page, position 0 placement. The advantage of the snippet is that Google focuses more on the content of a page that it wants to feature, rather than the authority. That means even though...

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Top Reasons Why Marketers Buy Content Writing Services

The content writing process is extremely painful, especially when you know there are more important things to focus on. That is where content writing services come in. They allow marketers and business owners to focus on other things besides article writing and keeping up with their blog. In this article, we examine the reasons why most marketers and small business owners choose to buy content writing services.

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3 Powerful Tricks to Help Attract More Visitors to Your Blog

So you have set up a brand new blog, optimized the user experience, and now you are on the hardest step of blogging: getting traffic. Do not let low numbers discourage you when first starting out. It takes new websites a while to find its’ footing in Google. In this article, we will look at ways to suck in a whole lot more traffic with a few simple and creative ideas.

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