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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your First AMP Page

One of the issues facing mobile web developers and users alike is the slow speed that many mobile web pages load at. Often, people are browsing the web on mobile because they’re in a hurry and can’t access a desktop, so the glacial speed that many sites load and operate at just isn’t cutting it. This is where AMP comes in.

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How Buying Articles Can Supercharge Your Content Marketing

The Internet has forever changed the way we do business, and one of the fields it’s had the largest impact on is marketing. People are spending steadily more time and money online every year, but traditional advertisements aren’t having the desired effect anymore. Simply copy-pasting pre-web strategies for selling products onto the Internet doesn’t work, for a number of reasons. 

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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Niche Articles

As a blogger, your ultimate goal is (or ought to be) to bring people to your site and increase the overall size of your readership. There are smaller goals, like receiving backlinks from other sites and growing your email list, but these are all in service of the larger objective of maximizing traffic.

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Understanding Your Audience and Catering Your Content

In this day and age, everyone's looking for a way to stand out online. With so many different businesses and websites jockeying for users' attention, connecting with them can seem like an impossible task, particularly since the overload of advertising has become an annoyance for most experienced web users. Content marketing is an effective way of engaging with web surfers who are burnt out on ads (and often use software to get around them entirely) but are still interested in reading thought-provoking and original writing.

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15 Ways to Use Your Content Strategy to Get More Customers

Content marketing is all the rage these days. Companies are investing in creating and distributing brand-enhancing content to their target audiences in record numbers, as the marketing world as a whole shifts away from explicit advertisements to branded content and other indirect methods like influencer marketing. All content marketers have a few common goals: engaging their existing client base, increasing awareness or positive associations with their brands, and directing traffic to their sites. So it’s important that your company’s content strategy is goal oriented and honed to perfection. Here are 15 simple tips to apply to your content strategy that...

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