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15 Ways to Use Your Content Strategy to Get More Customers

15 Ways to Use Your Content Strategy to Get More Customers

Content marketing is all the rage these days. Companies are investing in creating and distributing brand-enhancing content to their target audiences in record numbers, as the marketing world as a whole shifts away from explicit advertisements to branded content and other indirect methods like influencer marketing. All content marketers have a few common goals: engaging their existing client base, increasing awareness or positive associations with their brands, and directing traffic to their sites. So it’s important that your company’s content strategy is goal oriented and honed to perfection. Here are 15 simple tips to apply to your content strategy that could attract more consumers to your product.

Think Like a Big Brand

Even if you’re operating a small business, you can benefit by taking cues from large corporations. See what kind of content they’re pushing to their social platforms and websites and try to replicate it for your intended audience.

Make Your Content Mobile Friendly.

People browse the Internet on mobile devices more than ever. Make sure your web design is responsive, your text content is easily readable on a small screen, and your social sharing widgets are prominently placed.

Personalize Your Brand.

People like to put a face to businesses-and that doesn’t necessarily mean an influencer or celebrity endorser. Consider sharing photos of your team at work via Twitter or Instagram; the human touch goes a long way in building a relationship with potential customers.

Keep Your Brand Consistent.

Make sure the content you’re sharing on your website is consistent with what you’re Tweeting, Instagramming, and so on and so forth. A hip, acerbic Twitter account paired with a wholesome landing page is jarring and can cause a potential customer to have second thoughts about trusting your brand.

Keep It Conversational.

Customers want to feel like they’re interacting with a real group of people, not a focus-grouped automaton. Don’t be afraid to include

Make Your Content Tell A Story.

You want the unifying thread of all your content to be a narrative about your brand and why it belongs in your customers’ lives. Link discrete pieces of content with unique phrases and ideas that mark them as part of your brand, and you’ll attract customers based on curiosity alone.

Don’t Be Shy.

Content marketing is popular not in spite of its tonal differences from traditional marketing, but because of them. Don’t be afraid to share content that’s off the beaten path, as long as it builds your brand.

Make Content People Want to Share.

Again, the thing setting content marketing apart is that it isn’t straight up advertising copy. Write compelling, self-contained pieces of content that build your brand while being of interest to everyone, and they’ll get shared more than content that beats you over the head with the message.

Keep Abreast of Current Events.

One way to make a post go viral is to link it with something happening in the news, or in the weird world of the Internet. Keep track of these trends and brainstorm ways to hijack them to promote your product.

Anticipate Your Audience.

People have short attention spans. Make sure your headline hooks them, but don’t bury the lead about your brand or they may click away before they even realize they’re reading branded content.

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