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How Buying Articles Can Supercharge Your Content Marketing

How Buying Articles Can Supercharge Your Content Marketing


The Internet has forever changed the way we do business, and one of the fields it’s had the largest impact on is marketing. People are spending steadily more time and money online every year, but traditional advertisements aren’t having the desired effect anymore. Simply copy-pasting pre-web strategies for selling products onto the Internet doesn’t work, for a number of reasons. Ad-blocking software has become ubiquitous and effective, meaning even advertisements you pay for might not show up in users’ browsers. The phenomenon of “banner blindness” has made it so even unblocked ads don’t get noticed. And demographic changes have led to an Internet-savvy generation that’s almost impervious to traditional advertising gimmicks. So rather than trying to retrofit, marketers are looking for new ways to use this medium. Enter content marketing.

Marketing, Mark II

Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways of marketing and advertising on the Internet. This strategic approach shifts resources away from direct, explicit advertising, instead focusing on making and disseminating content that’s independently entertaining, educational, or interesting, while still relevant to the product or service that’s being marketed. If employed consistently, content marketing attracts and maintains a target audience that builds positive associations with the brand, eventually leading to purchases and referrals.

Attracting An Audience

Good content marketing necessitates the creation (or purchase) of valuable content that people are interested in reading, watching, or listening to. It replaces the heavy-handed messaging of traditional marketing with subtlety, and typically requires a greater level of involvement from creators. This is because the content needs to attract an audience, rather than throw messages at a captive audience. Content marketing is thus a form of inbound marketing, in which marketers compete to entice people to voluntarily consume their marketing materials. The question, then, is where to get content that people will navigate to of their own free will.

Media Costs Money

Content marketing isn’t limited to written material. It extends to things like informative videos uploaded to Youtube, as well as audio content, like podcasts. And research has demonstrated that this type of content generates a lot of traffic. So is this the solution to the content marketer’s conundrum? Not necessarily. Creating video and audio content is far more expensive than purchasing written articles. It typically involves hiring a production company and actors, renting studio time, and more, with expenses piling up quickly – and there’s no guarantee the result will achieve the kind of viral response needed to justify the investment. Written media may not be as flashy as audio-visual content, but it’s much cheaper and easier to produce, and if an article doesn’t connect with the audience, it’s less of a blow to the budget than a failed video. This is why written content still represents the majority of content marketing.

Too Little Time In The Day

As we’ve outlined, content marketing requires a different kind of effort than traditional marketing. After all, a detailed and informative article takes longer to write than a catchy slogan. This means that content marketing often demands a major investment of time from the marketing department, and that’s time that they aren’t spending working on other elements of their strategy. This is doubly true for smaller companies that don’t have a dedicated marketing team. A single overworked employee doesn’t have time to write the amount of articles needed for an effective content marketing campaign. But if the company knows what their target audience is, they don’t necessarily need to write these articles themselves. A solution that many companies are finding helpful is buying articles.

From Conception To Execution In Minutes

The time-consuming nature of content marketing makes it seem inaccessible for small or overloaded marketing departments, but in truth, outsourcing content can make this process painless and quick. By buying articles, you’ll even have a leg up on other content marketing departments that create all of their material in-house, since you can conceive of a campaign and put it into play almost instantly instead of waiting for it to be written. This is because there are a vast number of resources available for companies looking for pre-written, niche-targeted content. It’s no exaggeration to say that there are articles, already written and available for purchase, covering nearly every topic, tone, and target audience under the sun. The flexibility that buying pre-written articles affords you is just one of the bonuses of this way of securing content for your campaigns.

Content You Can Trust

Dedicated content marketers are people with a firm command of the English language, who understand grammar, syntax, and persuasive writing. They’re people who have written entertaining, informative, and emotionally compelling articles, and have the ability to research, write, and package stories quickly without a loss in quality. This is something you can’t count on from an overworked marketing department, particularly one that’s based in the “old” outbound ways of developing leads. This is a unique skill, and by purchasing articles, you can guarantee you’re getting content that will do what it’s supposed to: entice and retain an audience that will then be much more likely to purchase your products and services.

Content Marketers Understand SEO

Since your goal is to attract potential buyers to your site, you want content that generates organic traffic by ranking highly for relevant keywords on search engines. Content marketers understand this, and write articles and headlines that are carefully constructed to show up in the prime spots on search engine results pages. Hosting articles relevant to your company’s niche is a fantastic way of getting people to your site, and by partnering with a trusted content creator, you can make sure this goal is achieved and your money isn’t wasted.

Just What You Need, Nothing More

Since content marketing represents such a major source of leads and traffics in the Internet age, many companies are hiring dedicated content marketers to put on staff. But this isn’t necessary if your resources are limited. Buying articles can accomplish the same thing, with a smaller investment of money and time. All you have to do is identify your niche and go shopping. Check reviews for the content creators you’re considering, make a decision, and start building a campaign that will have a real, positive impact on your bottom line.

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