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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Niche Articles

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Niche Articles

As a blogger, your ultimate goal is (or ought to be) to bring people to your site and increase the overall size of your readership. There are smaller goals, like receiving backlinks from other sites and growing your email list, but these are all in service of the larger objective of maximizing traffic. More people reading means more advertising revenue, after all. But if your blog has fallen into a rut, covering the same subject matter ad nauseum, you’ll have trouble attracting new readers and keeping their attention.

When A Niche Is Necessary

One way to break out of the mold and get some fresh eyes on your site is to publish articles that appeal to a specific niche. This can draw a new audience to your blog, and if the rest of your content is well-written, they’ll stick around. Niche articles can still have some relevance to the overall subject matter of your blog, but they ought to appeal to a sector of the blog-reading population you haven’t targeted before. If your blog has plateaued in popularity, attracting the same readers with every post, it may be time to write some niche articles to get things in motion again.

Choosing A Niche

The first step in this process is deciding what audience you’re going after. Start by thinking about subjects that are tangentially related to your typical topics. If you write a blog on exercise, for example, you might write an article on diet. It’s still related to fitness, after all, but will attract a whole new segment of readers who are more interested in recipes than running. You should also be willing to stretch even further for subject matter. Look for subjects that will draw in specific groups that might take an interest in your blog as a whole. For example, if you primarily write about fashion, write a post specifically about skin care. You’ll draw in readers who are interested in cosmetics, and they’re likely to be open to reading about clothing as well as skin care, so they’ll be tempted to spend some time exploring the rest of your site.

Select Your Style

There are several different types of articles you can write when you’re trying to attract a specific niche. Consider writing a How-To article to lure in novices who are interested in learning a new skill. Think about the pattern that you’ve fallen into and how you can do the opposite with your niche post. If you typically write in third-person, writing a first-person narrative can bring in a new type of reader, who likes more subjective and personal writing. If your blog typically consists of walls of texts, break with tradition and write a list-type article. If your blog is typically about general industry news, try writing a specific product review.

Breaking Your Blog Out

It’s easy to settle into a style that works, but this leads to creative (and commercial) stagnation. By resisting your instincts and leaving your comfort zone, you can attract a new niche of readers and increase your readership for good.

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