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The 7 Cybersecurity Trends Your Small Business Should Follow

It seems like every week the news breaks about another cybersecurity breach at a big company. Target, Equifax, and other massive firms have all fallen victim to hackers seeking to steal the information of their customers. But just because your business operates on a smaller scale doesn’t mean you can get away with slacking on cybersecurity. 

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5 Strategies to Improve Your Off-Page SEO And Increase Your Google Rank

SEO (or search engine optimization) has two important components. If you’re neglecting one of them, it doesn’t really matter how much effort you put into the other: your site will never be fully optimized. The first is on-page or on-site SEO. You can improve that element by designing everything on your actual website to attract traffic from your target audience. 

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Fall in Love with These Unique Autumn-Inspired DIY Crafts

Ahh, the autumnal equinox. Jim Bishop wrote that fall “carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons,” while Thoreau waxed rhapsodic about the simple joy of sitting one’s self on a pumpkin and watching the leaves gently drift to the ground. As summer’s harsh heat fades away and winter’s cruel cold lurks around the corner, we’re given a brief respite from these extremes in the form of fall. It’s a season for brisk walks, candied apples, and hay rides. And (like all seasons) a season for crafting! 

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Why Influencer Marketing Is All the Hype Right Now

Marketers are constantly in search of the next big thing. The vast migration toward online marketing has already happened, and in their new homes online, marketers laid claim to sketchily defined concepts like “content marketing” and “social marketing” that, despite being very general terms, evolved into their own unique (albeit overlapping) fields, and guided marketers into innovative and profitable campaigns. 

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