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Do I have to be a member? Why?

Yes, membership is required in order to protect our content and our writers. However, it is easy (and free) to set up an account. Either sign-up with your e-mail or a social media account.

What is the Digital Delivery Fee?

For most orders, the digital delivery fee is $1. This fee is to offset the cost of storing and sending digital downloads. Compared to many other services, such as Ticketmaster, our digital delivery fee is peanuts.


Do you have different price levels for your content?

As with most article writing services, we have two different tiers of content based on the quality of writing and amount of research involved. Our simple two tier rate system is as follows:

$3.50 per 100 words of Basic Content

       *minimal research and author proofreading

$4.50 per 100 words of Premium Content

**incl. research and professional proofreading

Are all articles unique?

Of course. Every single article is ran through the industry leading plagiarism system, Copyscape, in order to ensure that each article is truly unique. For your protection, we have a no-questions-asked policy: If you are able to prove that any part of an article is plagiarized we will refund the entire cost of the article. In addition, we will provide the writer’s information if you need to proceed with any legal action.

Do you sell the same article to multiple people?

No, every article is sold only once. If you purchase an article, it instantly goes off sale from our website. Once you download the article, it is erased from our database and all right are transferred to you.

What about the copyrights?

Upon download of the article, all copyrights are transferred from Article Blizzard to the client.

What niches do you currently have?

We carry a large selection of pre-written articles for some of the most popular niches for blogging. These include:




Family & Parenting

Health & Wellness



Personal Development



And more...

How do I download an article I just purchased?

After completing your purchase, you will be immediately redirected to the page with your article ready for download. If you wish to download the article later, an email will be automatically sent to you with a download link. All downloads are securely handled via Shopify Digital Downloads.

What languages do you support?

Currently, we support only English articles. If you wish to request articles in a different language, let us know:

Can I request changes/revisions to a pre-written article I have purchased?

Absolutely! We have an in-house team of writers to ensure that each customer is satisfied with the content they receive. While we are proud of our content, we understand that sometimes a client might have expected something different prior to downloading the article. Therefore, we will make any light edits and changes until you are completely satisfied with the article. Feel free to request a revision up to 14 days after your purchase by contacting customer support at

What if I can’t find the article I am looking for?

Although we have a selection of hundreds of articles in a multitude of niches, we understand that sometimes you can’t find what you are looking for. If you wish to request some custom blog writing, feel free to order custom articles here or contact us at

How does your Reviews category work?

Our reviews category is specifically designed for review sites for Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc. affiliates. We create a shortlist of hot and popular items that can be found on a multitude of marketplace. We research their pros, cons, other reviews, and specs, in order to come up with a profile for each product. Each article will automatically come with a place for you to easily insert your affiliate link.



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